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Privacy Policy

Mic Drop is a super-simple little Mac menubar app made by your friends at Octopus ThinkExternal link. 🐙💡

By default, Mic Drop collects absolutely no data about you, your computer, or your usage of the app.

Microphone access

Mic Drop doesn’t record, save, or otherwise listen to what you’re saying. It can only mute and unmute your microphone. The app doesn’t ask to access your microphone, because it doesn’t need to hear what you’re saying.

We don’t listen in.

Crash reports and usage statistics

Analytics are completely optional and opt-in. We’ll never sell your information to advertisers, third-parties, or that kid who was mean to you in first grade.

  • Anonymous usage statistics—stuff like how many times you press mute, whether you use the status window, and if you’ve changed the keyboard shortcut from the default.
  • The version number of Mic Drop you’re using.
  • Crash logs and info about audio devices connected to your Mac.
  • The type of Mac you have and the version of macOS you’re running.

If you opt-in, this usage data is uploaded to our Firebase Analytics account, but contains no personally identifiable information about you or your usage of Mic Drop.

Billing info

We don't collect, store, or process your billing information and we don't have access to your credit card information. Payment is processed by PaddleExternal link. If you purchased Mic Drop via the Mac App StoreExternal link, Apple processes your payment info.

Cookies on this website

We don’t use any cookies on this website.

Our stance on privacy

Your data is yours. We only collect data you agree to share. You can opt out at any time. Nothing we collect can identify you personally, either by way of a unique ID or by your usage patterns. We’re not interested in spying on you. 🙈

In related news: Running an ethical businessExternal link.

We send out a newsletter sporadically—usually around once a quarter. Expect general updates, new things we’re working on, and invitations to beta programmes when we’re ready to test a new app.

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