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Quickly mute your microphone with a global shortcut or menu bar control

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Works with Monterey & Bluetooth headphones.

Mic Drop

Mute your mic in any app.

Ever been on a call and needed to turn off your microphone, like, right now, but couldn’t find the mute button quickly enough?

Mic Drop is a macOS menu bar app that allows you to quickly mute and unmute yourself using a keyboard shortcut. It works with every meeting app out there—from Zoom to Slack, FaceTime to Houseparty.

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No awkwardness

Is this thing on? Can you hear me now? A clear indicator means you’ll never ask yourself “Is my mic on?” anymore. You’ll always know.

No clickety-clacking.

Ever been in a meeting listening to the dulcet tones of someone’s keyboard tapping away… only to realise that it’s you? No more!


Whether you’re taking notes in another app, reviewing a prototype in Figma, or just getting distracted and watching kitten videos in another tab, sometimes you need to mute your microphone even when you don’t have your chat app in focus. Mic Drop’s global keyboard shortcut allows you to quickly toggle your mic without having to switch between apps or browser tabs.


Sure, most video apps have their own keyboard shortcuts, but they’re all different. Instead of trying to remember different shortcuts for each app, Mic Drop allows you to create a custom control that makes sense to you.


“Can you hear me now?” Mic Drop clearly displays your microphone status in your menu bar, so you always know if your mic is on. There’s even a clickable, floating status window for users who want a more prominent visual indicator.

Status window showing On Air text subtly animating.

Works with every app

Because Mic Drop mutes your audio at the system level, it works with any app you can imagine. We’ve tested with Zoom, Slack, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Vidyo, Houseparty, and many more. It just works. No matter where you’re meeting, Mic Drop’s got you covered.

No Captain Crunching.

Forgot your breakfast? No worries! Crunch your Happy Os to your heart’s content, without driving your co-workers bananas.

No spying.

There are probably already more than enough machines in your house spying on you. We don’t ever listen in. (Check our privacy policy!)

Your purchase supports charity

In 2020, we donated 50% of every sale to charities affected by COVID-19: Scottish Women’s AidExternal link, Scottish Refugee CouncilExternal link, and Shelter ScotlandExternal link.

For 2021, we’ve pledged to donateExternal link at least 1% of all profits to charitable organisations.

I interview people over Zoom on a daily basis and take notes on my computer while doing so. One of my pain points was having to click back and forth between applications to mute and unmute myself—I found it disrupted the flow of the interview and created some awkward pauses. Using Mic Drop has made this process so much smoother and now I use it every day!

Christie RoyG2i

Get ready for calmer conversations.

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Works on Intel and M1 Macs, and even works with Bluetooth headphones in macOS Monterey.

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