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Using Loopback to create a virtual audio device

LoopbackExternal link is an app that allows you to have finer-grained control over how your system audio behaves. Mic Drop can mute virtual audio devices created with Loopback, which can allow you to (potentially!) circumvent hardware issues.

Note that this is a slightly hacky solution, but it’s one that several of our users have mentioned working for them. We aren’t able to guarantee that it will work for all incompatible devices, so we recommend testing with a trial first.

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Create a virtual device that supplies Loopback with audio from your incompatible microphone/audio device.
  2. Set this virtual device as your input.
  3. Mic Drop will then mute and unmute the virtual device.

If that solves your problem, feel free to drop let us know, and we’ll make a note of it in the docs here.

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