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Setting a keyboard shortcut

What is a keyboard shortcut?

A keyboard shortcut or “hotkey” is a combination of keys that, when pressed at the same time, causes your computer to do something. Examples you’re probably familiar with are ⌘C (Command + C) for copy, or ⌘Z for undo. (Always a popular one.)

Mic Drop ships with ⌘⇧M (Command + Shift + M) as its default shortcut, but you can change it to whatever you like! ✨

How does Mic Drop’s universal keyboard shortcut work?

Any time you use Mic Drop’s keyboard shortcut, your microphone will toggle on and off. This happens at the system level, which means that it doesn’t matter what app you’re using, or what you’re currently doing, or which headphones you have in. When you press your keyboard shortcut, your microphone will immediately toggle, muting (or unmuting!) you.

How do I record a custom keyboard shortcut?

Open Mic Drop’s preferences by clicking on its icon in the Mac menu bar on the top of your screen. Select the keyboard shortcut recorder field and type your key combination. The keys you’ve selected will highlight in the field.

What keys can I use in my shortcut?

Your shortcut must start with at least one modifier key.

These are the available modifier keys:

  • ⌘ (Command)
  • ⌥ (Option)
  • ⌃ (Control)
  • ⇧ (Shift)

You can type in as many modifier keys as you’d like.

Then use a regular key after your modifier key(s). You can only use a single regular key, and it must be at the end of your shortcut.

Example combinations:

  • ⌘ ⇧ M (Command + Shift + M)
  • ⌃ Space (Control + Space)
  • ⌥ ⌥ (Option + Option)

What’s this “double tap”?

Instead of using a modifier key(s) + a regular key, you can choose to use a single modifier key, repeated twice. This won’t work with push-to-talk, but it does make it easy to toggle your microphone with one finger!

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